SDAMPP is a nonprofit organization whose prime objective is the advancement of education in the scientific field of medical physics. This objective is pursued through discussions, meetings, collaboration, and the shared perspectives of those in positions of leadership within academic programs of medical physics. The Society has the following missions in furtherance of this objective:

  • To promote the advancement of medical physics education worldwide;
  • To encourage coordination between academic medical physics programs;
  • To foster establishment of educational best practices in medical physics;
  • To monitor production of medical physics trainees relative to the job market;
  • To assist new academic medical physics programs in getting started;
  • To foster coordination of the graduate and residency elements of medical physics training;
  • To provide a forum for discussion among leaders of academic medical physics programs;
  • To serve as a voice for leaders of academic medical physics programs;
  • To engage leaders of academic medical physics programs around the world to provide better and more consistent medical physics training.


SDAMPP Annual Meeting

Saturday, July 29 • 11:00am - Noon
Room 108, Street Level, Convention Center

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SDAMPP Board announces completion of home page revisions

March 21, 2017:  The SDAMPP Board announces completion of a report from the SDAMPP Trainee Affairs Committee, Medical Physics Education and Training Report 2016, discussing the transition of graduate students into clinical education residencies and/or clinical practice. This report contains valuable insights into the at times conflicting needs of Graduate Medical Physics programs and Residency programs relative to student populations.

March 10, 2016: SDAMPP Board announces completion of the 2015/2016 home page upgrade project designed to make information sharing between academic medical physics programs more readily accessible. The page provides member access to programmatic member contact information, access to SDAMPP statistical reports and useful slides from presentations at SDAMPP meetings and webinars. The update was designed by the SDAMPP Publications Committee and implemented under contract with AAPM by IT staff members (Farhana Khan and Tammy Conquest). GIVE IT A TRY!

June 6, 2016: SDAMPP Board approves distribution of the SDAMPP Student Guide to a Medical Physics Career. The student guide was prepared under supervision of the SDAMPP Trainee Affairs Committee with the intent of assisting program applicants and students working through the increasingly complex educational demands of medical physics education. Graduate programs are authorized to distribute the guide to prospective students. Electronic copies of the guide will be e-mailed to all members and at Reports.


The Medical Physics Residency (MedPhys) Match – What You Need to Know

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