List of residencies and graduate programs in medical physics
Compiled by SDAMPP [Last updated December 19, 2016]
Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs, Inc


  1. This list is updated annually. Please note the date of the most recent update above. [more recent data available at www.campep.org ]
  2. Some of the programs identified as non-accredited may be in the process of acquiring accreditation at the time of publication and may presently be accredited. Please visit the CAMPEP website for a more up-to-date listing of accredited programs.
Institution Director or Primary Contact Degrees Offered
CAMPEP Accredited Graduate Programs
Carleton University Paul C. Johns, Ph.D. PhD
Cleveland State University - Cleveland Clinic Allan Wilkinson, Ph.D., Director
Kiril Streletzky, Ph.D., Co-Director
Columbia University Cheng Shie Wuu, Ph.D., F.A.C.R.
I. Cevdet Noyan, Ph.D., Assistant Director
Dalhousie University James Robar, Ph.D. MS, PhD
Dartmouth College Brian Pogue, Ph.D. PhD
Duke University Medical Center Ehsan Samei, Ph.D. MS, PhD
East Carolina University Michael Dingfelder, Ph.D. MS (med phys), PhD (bME)
Florida Atlantic University Theodora Leventouri, Ph.D. MS, med phys
Georgia Institute of Technology Farzad Rahnema, Ph.D. MS, PhD
Hofstra University Ajay Kapur, Ph.D. MS, med phys
Indiana University/Purdue University Gary Hutchins, Ph.D. MS, PhD
Louisiana State University Wayne D. Newhauser, Ph.D. MS, med phys and health phys, PhD
McGill University Jan Seuntjens, Ph.D. MS, PhD
National University of Ireland, Galway Christopher Kleefeld, Ph.D. MS, med phys
Oklahoma State University Jongmin Cho, Ph.D. MS
Oregon Health and Science University &
Oregon State University
Krystina Tack, Ph.D. MS, PhD
Ryerson University Carl Kumaradas, Ph.D. MS, PhD
San Diego State University Usha Sinha, Ph.D. MS
Seoul National University College of Medicine Sung-Joon Ye, Ph.D. MS, PhD
SUNY Stony Brook University Terry M. Button, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University at Buffalo (SUNY) Stephen Rudin, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Alberta; Cross Cancer Institute Gino Fallone, Ph.D. MSc, PhD
University of Arizona Christopher Watchmann, Ph.D. MS
University of British Columbia Alex Mackay, Ph.D., Program Director
Cheryl Duzenli, Ph.D., Co-Director
MSc, PhD
University of British Columbia-Okanagan Andrew Jirasek, Ph.D. MSc, PhD
University of Calgary; Tom Baker Cancer Centre Wendy Lani Smith, Ph.D., FCCPM MSc, PhD
University of California - Los Angeles Michael F. McNitt-Gray, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Chicago Samuel G. Armato III, Ph.D. PhD
University of Cincinnati Michael A.S. Lamba, Ph.D. MS
University of Florida Manuel Arreola, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Kentucky Medical Center Janelle Molloy, Ph.D. MS
Université Laval Luc Beaulieu, PhD MSc, PhD
University of Manitoba; CancerCare Manitoba Stephen Pistorius, P.Phys., Ph.D. MSc, PhD
University of Massachusetts Lowell Erno Sajo, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Miami Weizhao Zhao, Ph.D., Program Director
Nesrin Dogan, Ph.D., Assistant Program Director
University of Minnesota Bruce Gerbi, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Missouri Sudarshan Loyalka, Ph.D., Program Director
Tushar Ghosh, Ph.D., Assistant Program Director
University of Nevada Las Vegas Steen Madsen, Ph.D. MS
University of New Mexico Reed Selwyn, Ph.D. MS
University of Oklahoma HSC J. R. Sonnad, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Pennsylvania Jarod Finlay, Ph.D. MS
University of Rhode Island Yana K. Reshetnyak, Ph.D. MS
University of South Florida and H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Eduardo G. Moros, Ph.D. PhD
University of Texas HSC - Houston (MD Anderson) Richard E. Wendt III, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Texas HSC - San Antonio Geoffrey D. Clarke, Ph.D., FACMP MS, PhD
University of Toledo Medical Center E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D. MS, PhD
University of Victoria - BC Cancer Agency Wayne A. Beckham, Ph.D., FCCPM MSc, PhD
University of Wisconsin Edward F. Jackson, Ph.D. MS, PhD
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Manuel Morales, Ph.D. MS, Combined Program (DMP)
Virginia Commonwealth University Geoffrey D. Hugo, Ph.D. MS, PhD
Wayne State University Jay Burmeister, Ph.D. MS, PhD
Western University Robert Stodilka, Ph.D. MSc, PhD
CAMPEP Accredited Residencies - Therapy
Augusta University Ahmad K. Al-Basheer, Ph.D. therapy
British Columbia Cancer Agency Michelle Hilts, Ph.D. therapy
CancerCare Manitoba Jeff Bews, Ph.D., FCCPM therapy
Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario Andrew Kerr, Ph.D. therapy
Cancer Institute of New Jersey, UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Ning J. Yue, Ph.D. therapy
Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute (CARTI) Edward J. Grant, MS DABR therapy
Cleveland Clinic D. Allan Wilkinson, Ph.D. therapy
Cross Cancer Institute; University of Alberta B. Gino Fallone, Ph.D. therapy
Duke University Medical Center Fang-Fang Yin, Ph.D. therapy
Emory University School of Medicine Anees H. Dhabaan, Ph.D. therapy
Fox Chase Cancer Center C-M Charlie Ma, Ph.D. therapy
Geisinger Health System Jared Treas, MS therapy
Genesis Healthcare Partners and Affiliate George Mardirossian, Ph.D. therapy
Halifax Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Program Alasdair Syme, Ph.D. therapy
Harvard Medical Physics Residency Program David P Gierga, Ph.D. therapy
Henry Ford Health System Chadd E. Smith, PhD therapy
Indiana University Colleen Des Rosiers, PhD therapy
Johns Hopkins University Roland Teboh Forbang, Ph.D., DABR therapy
Karmanos Cancer Center, Gershenson Radiation Oncology Center WSU Jay Burmeister, Ph.D. therapy
Landauer Medical Physics Christopher T. Baird, MS therapy
London Regional Cancer Program Scott Karnas, Ph.D. therapy
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Jonas D. Fontenot, Ph.D. therapy
Mayo Clinic (AZ) Edward L. Clouser, Jr., MS therapy
Mayo Clinic (MN) John A. Antolak, Ph.D. therapy
McGill University William Parker, MSc therapy
Medical College of Wisconsin Kristofer K. Kainz,Ph.D. therapy
Medical University of South Carolina Jean Peng, Ph.D. therapy
Memorial Sloan Kettering Doracy P. Fontenla, PhD therapy
Montefiore Medical Center Amar Basavatia, MS
Shu-Hui Hsu, Co-Director
National Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Programme (Ireland) Brendan McClean, Ph.D. therapy
New York Presbyterian, Columbia University and Cornell University Cheng-Shie Wuu, Ph.D. therapy
Northwell Health Ajay Kapur, Ph.D. therapy
Northwest Medical Physics Center Darryl Kaurin, Ph.D. therapy
Northwestern Memorial Hospital Plato Lee, Ph.D. therapy
NYU Langone Medical Center K. Sunshine Osterman, PhD therapy
Ohio State University Nilendu Gupta, Ph.D. therapy
Oregon Health and Science University Wolfram Laub, Ph.D. therapy
Rhode Island Hospital James Brindle, Ph.D. therapy
Rush University Medical Center Julius Turian, Ph.D. therapy
Scott and White Clinic Dharanipathy Rangaraj, Ph.D. therapy
Stanford University Dimitre H. Hristov, Ph.D. therapy
Stony Brook University Medical Center Zhigang (Josh) Xu, Ph.D. therapy
Texas Oncology Brian Wichman, MS therapy
The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center Elizabeth Henderson, Ph.D. therapy
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital - Bodine Center for Cancer Treatment Amy Harrison, MS therapy
Tom Baker Cancer Centre Alana Hudson, MSc. therapy
University Hospitals-Case Western Reserve University Tarun Podder, Ph.D. therapy
University of Alabama Birmingham Richard A. Popple, PhD therapy
University of Arizona Russell Hamilton, Ph.D. therapy
University of Arkansas Steven M. Morrill, Ph.D. therapy
University of California Davis Cancer Center Sonja Dieterich, Ph.D. therapy
University of California, Irvine Medical Center Muthana S.A.L. Al-Ghazi, Ph.D. therapy
University of California Los Angeles Minsong Cao, Ph.D. therapy
University of California, San Diego Derek W. Brown, Ph.D. therapy
University of California at San Francisco Lijun Ma, Ph.D. therapy
University of Chicago Medical Center Kamil Yenice, Ph.D. therapy
University of Colorado Denver Moyed Miften, Ph.D. therapy
University of Florida Jonathan G. Li, Ph.D. therapy
University of Florida Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health Robert Staton, Ph.D, DABR therapy
University of Iowa Daniel E Hyer, Ph.D. therapy
University of Kansas Cancer Center Habeeb Saleh, Ph.D. therapy
University of Kentucky Medical Center Janelle A. Molloy, Ph.D. therapy
University of Louisville School of Medicine Brian Wang, Ph.D. therapy
University of Miami Nesrin Dogan, PhD therapy
University of Maryland Mariana Guerrero, Ph.D. therapy
University of Miami Nesrin Dogan, Ph.D. therapy
University of Michigan Joann Prisciandaro, Ph.D. therapy
University of Minnesota Medical School Bruce J. Gerbi, Ph.D. therapy
University of Nebraska Medical Center Mutian Zhang, Ph.D. therapy
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eric C. Schreiber, PhD therapy
University of Oklahoma Salahuddin Ahmad, Ph.D. therapy
University of Pennsylvania Si Young Jang, Ph.D. therapy
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC CancerCenter Boon-Keng Teo, Ph.D. therapy
University of Texas HSC at San Antonio Nikos Papanikalaou, Ph.D. therapy
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Mohammad RezaSalehpour, Ph.D. therapy
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Paul M. Medin, Ph.D. therapy
University of Toronto Andrea McNiven, Ph.D. therapy
University of Virginia Bruce Libby, Ph.D. therapy
University of Washington Kristi Hendrickson, Ph.D. therapy
University of Wisconsin John E Bayouth, Ph.D. therapy
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Manuel Morales, Ph.D. therapy
Vassar Brothers Medical Center Sergey Kriminski, Ph.D. therapy
Virginia Commonwealth University Siyong Kim, Ph.D. therapy
Washington University School of Medicine Rao FH Khan, Ph.D. therapy
Yale-New Haven Hospital & Yale Medical School Zhe Chen, Ph.D. therapy
CAMPEP Accredited Residencies - Imaging
Columbia University Sachin Jambawaliker, Ph.D. imaging
Cross Cancer Institute; University of Alberta B. Gino Fallone, Ph.D. imaging
Duke University Medical Center Ehsan Samei, Ph.D. imaging
Henry Ford Health System Donald Peck, Ph.D. imaging
Mayo Clinic Beth Schueler, Ph.D. imaging
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Lawrence N Rothenberg, Ph.D. imaging
Stony Brook University Medical Center Terry M. Button, Ph.D. imaging
University of Alabama at Birmingham Sharon L. White, Ph.D. imaging
University of Chicago Zheng Feng Lu, Ph.D. imaging
University of Florida College of Medicine Lynn Rill, Ph.D. imaging
University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Jagadeesh R. Sonnad, Ph.D. imaging
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Ho-Ling Anthony Liu, Ph.D. imaging
Upstate Medical Physics Robert J. Pizzutiello Jr., MS, FACMP imaging
West Physics W. Geoffrey West, Ph.D. imaging
Other Graduate Programs (North America only)
Ball State University Thomas H. Robertson, PhD MA/MS, EdD
Hampton University Paul Gueye, PhD MS, PhD
MGH/Harvard Nathaniel Alpert, PhD postgrad (mainly PET)
MIT Jacquelyn Yanch, PhD MS, PhD
Mayo Clinic Gary C. Sieck, PhD PhD (in imaging through BME)
McMaster University Michael Farquharson, PhD MSc, PhD
UNAM, National University of Mexico María-Ester Brandan, PhD MSc (Medical Physics)
Oakland University (Rochester, MI) Brad Roth, PhD PhD
Purdue University/ Indiana University Robert D. Stewart, PhD MS, PhD
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute George Xu, PhD MS, PhD
Stanford University School of Medicine Paul J. Keall, PhD postdoctoral (PhD to be added soon)
University of Colorado Denver Gary Fullerton, PhD  
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Chester R. Ramsey, PhD MS, PhD
University of Toronto Peter N. Burns, PhD MSc, PhD
University of Western Ontario Jerry J. Battista, PhD MS, PhD
Wake Forest University J. Daniel Bourland, PhD MS, PhD, postdoctoral
Wright State University Brent Foy, PhD MS (physics)
Other Residencies (North America only) 
Brown University Edward S. Sternick, PhD therapy
Cancer Therapy and Research Center Niko Papanikolaou, PhD therapy
Case Western Barry W. Wessels, PhD therapy
East Carolina University Melodee L. Wolfe, MS therapy
North Shore LIJ Health System Ajay Kapur, PhD therapy
Texas Tech William S. Kubricht, MMSc therapy
Thompson Cancer Survival Center Chester R. Ramsey, PhD therapy
USC Melvin A Astrahan, PhD therapy
University of Massachusetts Marcia Urie, PhD therapy
Wayne State Jay W. Burmeister, PhD  therapy
Other Programs - Outside of North America (partial list)
Duke Kunshan University Fang-Fang Yin, Director
David Huang, Co-Director
Karolinska Institutet & Stockholm University Bo Nilsson, PhD  
University College London, London, UK Robert D. Speller, PhD MS, PhD
University of Heidelberg Frank Lohr, MD  
University of the Orange Free State, S. Africa M.G. Lotter MS, PhD, B. Med. Sci. Hons.